Are You Healthy?


Royal wifeness,

Me thinks it’s high time we talked. I swallowed the Frog today; I went to see the Doc. She didn’t say too well; finally gave a name for what ails me. ADHD she calls it. Meaning; Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I wouldn’t want to bore you with all the medical jargons, but simply put I am sick. It’s not terminal dearie, don’t get teared up yet. It’s exhausting though, but you know that by now. Let me, however, remind you of the symptoms:

I really can’t say where I got it from, you know Pa and Ma were not educated and as such there were no records for their medical histories, and they are not here again to tell me of how they grew up.
I know I can be hard to live with sometimes, and it’s still a long journey ahead lover, I do hope you choose to stay. The sunny days, everybody loves them. But when the rain comes would you stand by me? I ain’t gonna give up on our vows. I hope you don’t too. It definitely will be for better or better or better still.
Just one more thing dearest, the Doc, she said I might pass it down to our kids. So we should watch out for the symptoms while they are still young. I’d be on medications from now. I do hope we can stand the tests of time and emerge stronger.



This is for Nigeria, where health issues are still very limited to physical health; and where in some parts mental health challenges are still very much considered as afflictions by witches and wizards whose field of operations is not my area of expertise.  However, mental health challenges are real and can be managed before they explode. ADHD is just one of the many mental conditions that face man as health challenges. So If tomorrow, your coworker is harsh, or you can’t seem to understand your boss’s irrational mood swings or you meet that classmate who always seems out of sort; do not be nice, be kind. He or she might just be on the edge of a mental shutdown. And if you can suggest a mental evaluation without making the party feeling offended, do it. Save a life, save a family from distress. Mental health challenges are not the end of the world, they can be managed.

And if you are sick, it is not the end of the world. Although you will come across people who will mock you for your health challenge,  you will also meet people who have beautiful souls and will understand your status. Be prepared to meet both, and whatever roadblocks you face in your journey, do remember that the obstacle can be the way.

Strength to you if you are facing any health challenge!!!



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